As early as Monday, March 13, legislators in the State House are planning to bring a school voucher bill to the floor for a vote. The so-called Parental Empowerment for Education Choice Act also known as HB1222 would create a multi-million dollar school voucher program, siphoning away critical funding from our state budget and potentially devastating rural districts that are already operating on shoestring budgets.

The dollars diverted from our State budget would be sent to private schools with no accountability. Even more troubling, the private schools who end up receiving these vouchers lack the transparency that would allow parents to ensure their children are receiving the quality education they deserve.


As an educator, you have seen the negative impact that school closings and consolidations have had on our communities. You also know that the only way to ensure that every Arkansan student, no matter their zip code, has access to a meaningful education is to have a strong and well-funded public school system.

Contact your state representative and tell them to vote no on HB 1222, because our kids just can’t afford it.