State Investment

Arkansas Education Association:  Arkansas’s  Students and Teachers Need State Investment

The Arkansas Education Association does not oppose the public investment into education announced by Governor Hutchinson earlier this week, but we do have concerns.  We welcome the effort to provide additional resources to our public schools, but we believe that it is best to invest in teachers who are already dedicated to the success of Arkansas’s students.  

An example of the State's commitment to investing in teachers is the funding provided to the nearly 3,000 National Board Certified Teachers in Arkansas (NBCT). NBCT teachers are not jump-starting a career in another sector, they are committed to being the best teachers they can be so that they can help students be academically successful. There is a direct correlation between National Board Certified Teachers in Arkansas and student success that cannot be ignored.  

Brenda Robinson, President of the Arkansas Education Association, said, “Arkansas students are counting on each of us to stand up for increased public investment in public education so we are able to recruit, train and retain the best teachers possible for all of Arkansas's students.  This public investment must include investments in successful programs for educators.” Robinson continued, “We are committed to helping public school educators succeed. AEA is the only organization that can provide support and empower educators as they work toward effective student outcomes. It is important to AEA that every public school teacher is successful and we will continue to make the case that Arkansas's public school students and educators are worthy of an increased public investment.”