AEA Primary Election 2015

Votes for the following candidates will be cast during the AEA Primary Election that will be held beginning at 8:00 a.m. on February 2, 2015 and ending on February 16, 2015 at 5:00 p.m. There are no statewide races in the primary election. The races are for NEA delegate for Regions 1, 7, and 8.
Region 1 - Benton, Carroll, Madison, Washington Counties
Region 7 - Arkansas, Chicot, Crittenden, Desha, Lee, Monroe & Phillips Counties
Region 8 - Pulaski County
Voting for active members will be online and the voting site will be available seven days a week, 24 hours a day during the voting period. You must enter your voter id that is printed on your AEA membership card. Contact the AEA Office if you need any assistance with your voter id, 1-501-375-4611, Ext. 100. Retired members will receive a ballot by regular mail to vote for NEA Retired Delegates. Candidates are listed in alphabetical order.

NEA Delegate Region 1 (Vote for One)

Charla Franco
Library Assistant, Springdale
It is important to support AEA/NEA goals. As local treasurer for the Springdale Education Association, past AEA Board member, on ESP Advisory Board and the ACCPE, I believe that building a strong AEA is the only way to succeed in education and protect members. It would be an honor to represent you again at the NEA RA.
Kristi Smith
Classroom Teacher, Springdale
As newly elected Alternate NEA Director I would love to attend the NEA RA to expand my knowledge of how NEA works for members, facilitates change, and encourages educational reform. I stand up for educators and encourage members to use their voice in my local. I organized educators to voice concerns about administration resulting in new administration who is student-focused.

NEA Delegate Region 7 (Vote for One)

Dorothy Hennings
Math/Science Teacher, Helena West Helena
I am the AEA. To all AEA members we are the AEA. I am a 4th Grade Teacher in the Helena-West Helena School District. Currently, I serve as your Vice-Chairperson of the Public Relations Commit- tee, and also Vice-President of the Helena-West Helena Education Association. If given the opportunity I would like to continue to serve.
Mary Knight
Classroom Teacher, Lee County
I understand the importance of a supportive organization. Because I appreciate its efforts in utilizing measures including preventative and curative actions ensuring membership quality within the educational area, I am motivated to give more of myself via time and energy. Humbly, I ask for support because I want to be an active part of membership quality through responsiveness and responsibility.

NEA Delegate Region 8 (Vote for Three)

Lakeitha Austin
Middle School Teacher, Little Rock
I am a board member for LREA. I have been a member for six years and served four years as a school building representative. I represented LREA in the AEA rep assembly in November. I would like to become a delegate so that I am able to keep our personnel updated, informed on education changes so that we, as a whole, can continue to educate our children.
Dianna Harshfield
Classroom Teacher, Little Rock
I am seeking re-election as a representative for the NEA Representative Assembly. I have served
as AEA Board Member; Secretary of the Little Rock EA; LREA Professional Negotiations Agreement Financial and Contract Negotiations Team; Chair of the AEA Public Relations Committee. I would like the opportunity to continue to serve the teachers of Arkansas and AEA. Please support my candidacy.
Pam Hoover
Counselor, Little Rock
I have been a dedicated long-term member. I am an active participant in annual conferences and will- ing to use this expertise to serve you. As a delegate, my goal will be to participate in all functions in reference to AEA/NEA bylaws, provide consistent feedback through hands on participation during the assembly and support the goals and visions of the AEA/NEA.
Rebecca (Becki) Houston
8th Grade History Teacher, Little Rock
I am asking for your vote to represent members at the NEA RA this summer. Through my local, I have represented members at NEA RA four times. While serving at NEA RA I have been on the coordinating committee each time. If elected to represent AEA members, I will serve you well! Please vote for Rebecca (Becki) Houston NEA Delegate.
Audrey Nichols
Bookkeeper/Secretary, PASS
I currently serve as an AEA Board member. I want to represent you at the NEA RA and be a voice in the room that stands up and speaks up for all members. I am a proud cadre member of the Bullying and Sexual Harassment Cadre and newly appointed member of the NEA Resolutions Committee. I ask for your vote.

Retired NEA Delegate (Vote for Two)

Hazel M. Coleman
Helena Retired
I have represented you well and I would appreciate your vote this year. Retirees need help in the continued monitoring and or modification of Social Security, Medicare, and the Prescription Drug program to insure that Social Security and Medicare will remain intact. As a member of AEA, and the ATRS Board, I will work toward this goal. “I’ll BE THERE WHEN YOU NEED ME.”
Barbara Davidson
Barton-Lexa Retired
I am seeking election for NEA Retired Delegate to the RA in Orlando, Florida. I have served as an active teacher member in the past and would like the opportunity to serve you as a retired teacher member. Please cast your VOTE for Barbara Davidson. Thank you in advance for your vote.
Linda J. Ellington
Pulaski County Retired
I have been an active, dedicated member of the AEA since I began teaching. I have been involved
at all levels of the association. The AEA Retired deserves to be well represented at the NEA-RA. I would be a responsible delegate by continuing my commitment to all members. I ask for your consideration and vote. Thank you for your support.
Nevada Gates
Forrest City Retired
Present positions. R-Advisory Committee, R-Alternate Board, FCEA District Council and Educator- Educator Presenter. I want to represent you at the NEA-RA and Retired Conference. I will continue to advocate for you with national leaders as we debate issues regarding Retirement Pension, Health Benefits, Medicare, and Social Security. Let me be your voice. Complete the Mission. Vote Nevada.
Sid Johnson
Fort Smith Retired
Dedication, motivation, discipline, ability, and a proven track record are all valuable qualities in a representative of the AEA. I believe that I possess those qualities, and I hope that you agree with me by voting for Sid Johnson to be one of YOUR delegates to the NEA-RA.
Paulette Parker
Paragould Retired
I am running for AEA-Retired delegate to the NEA/RA. I feel that retired members can have a role in NEA activities and the first step is to become an NEA delegate. This will give me the opportunity to vote on rules and gain needed information to involve more retirees on national issues. Your vote will be appreciated.
Juanita Houston Pruitt
Wynne Retired
Experience counts, I’ve been an AEA member for all 37 years that I served as a classroom teacher. Now, I’m a lifetime NEA and AEA member. Keep me working for us. Elect me as our 2015 NEA/RA delegate. Thank you.
Leroy Williams
Lee County Retired
As an advocate for children and public education I am asking to represent you at the 2015 NEA Representative Assembly. It is my desire to be your voice on issues that affect all educators, whether active or retired. I am a proven and dedicated leader with an excellent track record. Thank you for your vote.